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Songlorious Artists Tour with '60s Legend, Gain Radio Play, and Launch Recording Studio

Wednesday Wrap-Up: Live Music, New Music & More from Songlorious Artists


Carlos Rising launches Schoolhouse Studio

With over 500 songs for happy Songlorious customers under his belt, as well as several personal releases, Carlos Rising has begun a new endeavor. "We aim to give musicians of all ages a space to learn and be creative." That's the mission statement of Schoolhouse Studio: a brand-new, multi-functional recording studio in Wilmington, North Carolina. Founded by Carlos, with creative partners Kalee Stikeleather and Christian Black, the space opened in July 2021. Among their services, they offer music lessons, guided studio time, session musicians, marketing packages, producers/engineers, artwork, and more to local musicians who wish to use their space. While their website is still under construction, head over to their Instagram to find out more & follow their journey.

Gabrielle Grace gets radio play on Lightning 100

Nashville's premiere independent radio station, Lightning 100, has been giving one of our acoustic artists some well-deserved airtime. Gabrielle Grace's recent single, "We'll Be Alright" has been hitting their radio waves. Gabrielle describes the song as "a folk/pop song that will make you want roll your windows down and soak in the goodness of life!" When first released, the song placed at #16 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts.

Check out the music video for "We'll Be Alright" below.

Elizabeth tours with Engelbert Humperdinck

British pop singer Engelbert Humperdinck, known for singles "The Last Waltz" (1967), "A Man Without Love" (1966), and more, is currently on tour in the UK - this time with a background singer we know and love: Songlorious artist, Elizabeth! She says she feels incredibly lucky for the opportunity, describing the experience as the coolest gig out there, touring with an artist who has sold over 140 million records worldwide.



Pre-Saving a song before it is released is one of the best ways to help an independent artist gain viral traction. Click/tap the album cover to save it before it's even released.

Click/Tap album covers to pre-save!

From top left:

evian - Not the Main Characters (Perrin Xthona/Gabi Gotts)

Barely Functional - Anna Belle

Stay - Jack Conway

The Creek - Kelley Losinger

Nobody Stays Forever (ft. Jehlad) - Roi Bars



Imaginary Friend - by TAROT. Lyric video below; stream here.

When I Ride - by Ashley Mehta.

Other Recent Releases from Songlorious Artists

My Sweater - by The Night Alone (Christian Koller).


Jules Avalon (as MorphLand) : Flesh Carnival - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

Nick Isham : Puzzle Pieces - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

TONIE : A Year Ago - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

Jules Avalon : I Remember Everything - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube



Songlorious artists are always out there playing live gigs, in their home towns and beyond.

Is one coming to a city near you? Check out their schedule of shows for the next 2 weeks:

*Concerts are not hosted by Songlorious - click links for local info.




Tickets or Info

Nov 3, 2021

Kansas City, KS

Nov 5, 2021

Kansas City, KS

Nov 6, 2021

Nashville, TN

Nov 6, 2021

Nashville, TN

Nov 6, 2021

Kansas City, KS

Nov 7, 2021

Chattanooga, TN

Nov 7, 2021

Brentwood, UK

Nov 9, 2021

Evansville, TN

Nov 10, 2021

Los Angles, CA

Nov 10, 2021

Kansas City, KS

Nov 11, 2021

Raleigh, NC

Nov 11, 2021

Los Angeles, CA

Nov 12, 2021

Cambridge, UK

Nov 12, 2021

Belmont, NC

Julian Avalon (as MorphLand)

Nov 12, 2021

Brooklyn, NY

Nov 12, 2021

Clearwater, FL

Nov 13, 2021

Atlanta, GA

Nov 13, 2021

Austin, TX

Nov 14, 2021

Auburn, AL

Nov 14, 2021

Valdosta, GA

Nov 16, 2021

Florence, AL

Nov 17, 2021

Kansas City, KS

Nov 17, 2021

Hattiesburg, MS


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