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A little bit about us

Songlorious was started out of our apartment in Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY). Ellen was a Barista and I worked on the railroad in the city. We had both grown up with a love of listening to music as well as creating it. In 2019 we met online to start a band together and ended up falling in love and getting married. We started Songlorious because we knew that music had the power to tell you a story as well as convey emotion. We realized that so many people have amazing stories with and for their loved ones that they could tell through a song.

We've seen a lot of tears and a lot of laughter from people hearing their songs from Songlorious. We've now brought on over 150 talented, hand-picked, professional musicians that love to make people feel something with their songs. We've delivered over 10,500 songs to date! We'd love to have our trained musicians create your song today!

Omayya and Ellen