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Christian Koller


Modern Pop, Country Acoustic/Folk, Pop Rock, Acoustic Pop


Christian is from Cape Coral, Florida, but based in Princeton, New Jersey. In high school, he started a band with a friend of his called The Night Alone and the two of them have been writing music together and working to improve their craft while Christian was studying at school. His musical inspirations come from The 1975, Phoenix, and of course, The Beatles because of their poetic approach to lyric writing. However, he takes special care to look into any and all genres and explore their sounds to the best of his ability. Christian loves being a part of Songlorious because it gives him an opportunity to work with a team that promotes learning and affecting people's lives for the better with music.

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I said I wasn’t able to find the song... but I did finally. .. I’m slow!!! I love this and I loved the msg you sent!


Modern Pop


Way better than expected. Christian the Artist is awesome and very talented. Thank you for the memory you have created for my wife and I when I played the song for her.


Acoustic Pop - You Have My Heart