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Songlorious on Today with Hoda and Jenna

6 months ago, NBC's Today Show was profiling businesses that started or pivoted during the pandemic. They asked us to create a personalized song -- a fun anthem for their co-hosts, Hoda & Jenna. We still can't believe they played their original song at the very start of their show!

The song was written by one of our longest-standing artists, mimi my, a talented, hard-working pop artist that we love (you can check out her bio below).

Later in the episode, they discussed 3 business that were trying something new, and we were lucky enough to be featured. They showcased how we enjoy connecting unique music creators to people like you, who have such amazing stories just waiting to be captured in song.

Here's the full story:


About The Artist

mimi my - AKA Madison Davey - is a full-time singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. She writes music for professional stock collections such as Shutterstock and Facebook Sound Collection, and has had her own music placed on television, with shows such as CW's Riverdale.

Though she comes from country roots, she now specializes in electronic music, but is never afraid to pick up the guitar when she needs to! Her top influences include Laura Marling, Dixie Chicks, Lauryn Hill, and Frank Ocean. Madison hopes to create music that enhances special moments in people's lives.

About being a Songlorious artist, mimi says, "If I can write a song that someone cherishes... I've done my job!"


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