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Tips + FAQ

for getting started

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Already ordered your song? Check the progress or listen to your song here:

How creating your song works:

What you'll need to decide for your song:

Length of Time

1min - 3min

*More on this in the FAQ!


Happy? Sad? Romantic? Funny?

Voice Preference

If you like the voice of one of our artists, you can pick one or have us assign an artist for you.

Delivery Method

Get your song on your own webpage, on streaming services, or a cassette-shaped USB physical copy.

Recipient Info

Who's it going to and what's the occasion?

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Tips for personalizing your song

The more information you give us for your Songlorious personalized song, the better! So, type away! Give us any details about your situation that you'd like us to mention. This can be anecdotes/stories, names, concepts, funny details, etc. But keep in mind that shorter songs cannot contain as many lyrics/topics/ideas as longer songs.


"I want to tell my Grandma Betty how much we love her. Her 80th birthday is coming up, she loves southern food, has 8 grandkids, and she was born in the mountains of West Virginia"

"Use this lyric: sunset with you is the best sunset for two"

"I'm using this song to ask my girlfriend to prom. Pretty, long red hair, we're in high school, we met by the lockers, she's into video games, we ate indian food on our first date (i'm also a girl)."

"Joking around with my friend as a wedding gift. He (Justin) once barfed during a first date. He had taken her to an Italian restaurant after riding rollercoasters, and despite everything, she still took him home! What a legend. Now they're engaged."

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How long should I make my song?

Here's a quick guide to what we are usually able to fit into our song lengths:

  • 1 Minute: Song intro, one verse, and one chorus. This option allows for more complexity, like writing someone a nice short letter.
  • 2 Minutes: A song intro, verse, chorus, 2nd verse, and another chorus. Like writing a long letter, or telling a short story.
  • 3 Minutes: A song intro, verse, chorus, 2nd verse, chorus, bridge, and chorus. For pouring your heart out or telling a long story.

What are the methods of song delivery?

  • Download Only: You will have access to your song on our website by using your 'Song ID'. On that page you can download the song. Use you song ID here:
  • Download & Publish: For an additional $60, we will also upload your customized, one-of-a-kind song to Spotify, Youtube and all other streaming services.

How long will it take me to receive my personalized song?

As soon as you order we begin working on it within 24 hours. We collaborate with our circle of independent artists and have the song to you within 6 days. You can get your song in 3 days if you choose that option for a fee. Standard: 6 days Expedited: 3 days

Can I make any changes to the song after I already submitted my order?

Once you submit your order we cannot guarantee any changes to your order will be included. Because of our quick turnaround time, artists begin working on orders immediatly after they are placed. If you email with any changes you would like to make, we will try our best to include the new information--but again, this is not guaranteed, and we will not offer a free refund/revision due to the change not being included.

Can I use my own lyrics?

Yes. If you send us your lyrics as part of the order we will incorporate them into the song. The lyrics HAVE to be original and written by you. By purchasing a song, you are agreeing that none of the lyrics will be an infringement of copyrights of any 3rd party musician. For sending us lyrics that you've already finished, try to keep it to a maximum total word count of one word per second of song length (i.e., no more than 30 words for a 30-second song). But we'll try our best to fit in anything you give us.

Can I request profanity in my songs?

You can, but we have the right to refuse any request for songs that will contain anything we feel is derogatory towards a legally protected status (race, national origin, gender, sex, age etc...) We generally avoid any political-oriented subject material. (In the case that we're afraid of your song's topic, we'll give you a full refund).

Can I use my song commercially?

Legally, if you want to use your song commercially, you will have to choose the 'commercial' option on the product page. This will give you complete license to use the song as you wish. If you don't choose to use it commercially, you can still use it as you like as long as you don't make any money off of the song.

Can I get a refund?

Every song is custom made to-order and cannot be reused by another customer, so unfortunately we cannot offer refunds.

If you would like to cancel your order, you may do so within 24 hours of placing the order, minus a 35% service and processing fee.

Music is highly subjective, and sometimes there is something that the customer just doesn't enjoy. We handle this on a case-by-case basis. Here are things that we promise to deliver:
- Good quality recording - Song meets the ordered length - Vocals are on key - Lyrics contains some of your story and the 4 things you requested accurately If we do not deliver the above, and you let us know within 1 week of the song's delivery, we will fix the issue at no charge. If the revision involves changes that are based on music taste/preference, then we will charge a fee for the changes, depending on the extent, to compensate our artist for their time.

What if I want a revision?

We promise the following for every order: - Good quality recording - Song meets the ordered length - Vocals are on key - Lyrics contains some of your story and the 4 things you requested accurately If these are not met for your song, let us know within 1 week of the song's delivery and we will fix it at no charge.

If you would like a preferential revision (such as changing lyrics, extending the song's length, adding different instrumentation), we can do so for a fee, based on the complexity of the request. We cannot offer these kinds of changes for free, because we compensate the artist for their time.

How long does it take to receive the ‘cassette’ USB drive if I ordered one with my song?

We ship for free using standard shipping. In the US our shipping takes 3-5 business days from day of song completion. Shipping to Canada can take 1-2 weeks from day of song completion.

What is the return policy on the ‘cassette’ USB drive?

You cannot return the USB drives once they are ordered. In the rare case that your USB is defective, you can reach out to us within 7 days of delivery and we will replace it after you have sent it back to us.

What if there are changes made to my song but the 'cassette' USB is already sent?

In the case that there are any changes made to your song but the 'cassette' USB is already sent, it is up to you to download the song and upload it onto the USB that we sent. All you have to do is download the new song from your Song Page, plug in your USB drive, and then add the new song MP3 file onto the 'cassette' USB.