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R&B, Acoustic Pop, Country Rock, Country Acoustic/Folk, Pop Rock


From London, UK, Danny Toeman is a singer-songwriter-producer that creates "Feel-Good" music, akin to James Brown, Michael McDonald, and Marvin Gaye. Songs Danny has written and sung have been featured on Saturday Night Live (NBC), the in-store playlist of Abercrombie & Fitch, the video game Rock Band, and have been used in commercials for the Honda Civic, and Amazon Prime streaming service. Danny's debut vinyl release ‘She’s Got Something About Her’ sold out within two months of release, and received heavy rotation on BBC Radio, with veteran DJ Robert Elms proclaiming it “my new favourite song." In the live music scene, Danny was recently the main support act for funk legends Kool & the Gang at the o2 Arena in London.

As a Songlorious artist, Danny says, "Personally, music has always been the way I’ve expressed myself when words just aren’t enough, so to be able to help others share their messages through music is more than a job; it’s an honour."

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I had asked for the original song to be altered to include more details, so that it would sound & feel more personal... And man, did they hit it right on the head!!! The revision was amazing! It brought joy & peace to my entire family! I think that what ur company is doing here is simply incredible!! Thank u sooo much for taking the time to hear my wishes! I sincerely appreciate the time taken to make this song as special as possible!!! Thank u.



After seeing Danny Toeman live earlier this year (he is an incredible showman, if you haven't seen him yet - go & see him!), I was SO excited when I heard he'd joined Songlorious. The song he delivered for my mum's birthday went above and beyond expectations. Watching her laugh and cry (happy tears) while listening to it on repeat was just the best feeling. She's been sharing it with all of her friends all day! Danny - THANK YOU! I cannot express enough how over the moon I am with the song. Thank you for making my mum's birthday so very special. I'm already looking ahead at my calendar to see who I can get another song for!



Country Acoustic/Folk

Country Rock - Just Because

Country Acoustic - That's Why