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Songlorious Artists featured in The Wonder Years, Elmo, and Shoutout Atlanta

Wednesday Wrap-Up: Live Music, New Music & More from Songlorious Artists


TAROT in Shoutout Atlanta

Shoutout Atlanta recently featured TAROT in an in-depth interview.

"Creating melodies and telling stories that can connect with others is my passion. It’s taken a long time for me to realize that my career shouldn’t define my self worth, but it drives me to be the best version of myself and show up in ways that will lead to an extraordinary experience of life." Full Story

Nicholas Dayton on Elmo

Nicholas Dayton--longtime songwriter for Sesame Street--just placed a song again on the Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo. The song, called "Take Care of Your Pet," is about exactly that! It's designed to teach kids the importance of caring for and being kind to their pets.

The song was performed by WanMor; watch the full segment here.

John Covert on The Wonder Years

Have you watched the Wonder Years reboot? If so, you may have heard "Step Back" by John Covert & The Crystal Image. His 1968 single was featured in the new show's Pilot Episode, when character Dean was in the batters box at the baseball game.


New Music - Coming Soon

Pre-Saving a song before it is released is one of the best ways to help an independent artist gain viral traction. Click/tap the album cover to save it before it's even released.

Click/Tap album covers to pre-save!

From top left:

evian - Not the Main Characters (Perrin Xthona/Gabi Gotts)

Barely Functional - Anna Belle

My Sweater - The Night Alone (Christian Koller)

Stay - Jack Conway

The Creek - Kelley Losinger

Imaginary Friend - TAROT

Nobody Stays Forever (ft. Jehlad) - Roi Bars


New Releases - Out Now

Allie Dunn - Good As Gone EP

Allie Dunn, aka Alessandra, has released her EP, Good As Gone.

Other Recent Releases from Songlorious Artists

Aaron Cloutier : Impel - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

Ashley Mehta : When I Ride - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

Cassidy Best : Same Kind Of Country - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

Jason LoCricchio : Hush - Spotify / Apple Music

Jules Avalon (as MorphLand) : Flesh Carnival - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

Jules Avalon : I Remember Everything - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

Nick Isham : Hypnotize - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

Nick Isham : Puzzle Pieces - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

Pat Rossi : Force Field - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

TONIE : A Year Ago - Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube


Live Music

Songlorious artists are always out there playing live gigs, in their home towns and beyond.

Is one coming to a city near you? Check out their schedule of shows for the next 2 weeks:

*Concerts are not hosted by Songlorious - click links for local info.





Oct 27, 2021

Killkenny, Ireland

Oct 27, 2021

Kansas City, KS

Oct 28, 2021

Nashville, TN

Oct 28, 2021

London, UK


Oct 28, 2021

Kansas City, KS

Oct 29, 2021

Bloomington, IL

Oct 29, 2021

Jamestown, CO

Oct 30, 2021

Chicago, IL

Nov 3, 2021

Kansas City, KS

Nov 6, 2021

Nashville, TN

Nov 7, 2021

Chattanooga, TN

Nov 7, 2021

Brentwood, UK

Nov 9, 2021

Evansville, TN


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