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Songlorious on Access with Mario Lopez

Songlorious was included in this year's holiday gift guide by Access Daily! To demonstrate what it's all about, our artist Jason LoCricchio made a fun song for their hosts: Kit Hoover and Mario Lopez.

Watch to hear the song we made, and what their hosts had to say about it.




Call up Mario for the fun facts

And go to Kit for the kitty cats

Laughing together and making

Everybody smile in the evening

Interviewing all the stars and celebrity guests

On that shiny Red carpet dressed to impress

And they’re Cooking with the 5 star world class chefs

And their dance moves are the best (except for kit)

They love their mamas they love their kids

You can Box with Mario or run with Kit

And they never ever let you down


So hey you,

If you wanna watch the very best news

You know what to do

Watch Kit and Mario on Access Daily

Kit and Mario on Access Daily

Ooh If you ever loved watching Road Rules

Or loved Saved By the Bell

Watch Kit and Mario on Access Daily

Kit and Mario on Access Daily


About the Artist: Jason LoCricchio

Jason LoCricchio is a pop singer/songwriter/producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. He describes his style as "upbeat indie pop with a hint of alternative and hip hop that you want to listen to over and over again!" His work is inspired by and often compared to acts like Jon Bellion, Quinn XCII, and Bleachers. His latest album “Boy Vs World, A Suburban Story” gained real traction, including being featured on Spotify's coveted Fresh Finds playlist. In addition to his solo work, Jason is involved in a pop/indie duo called REALFICTION, for which he writes, produces, sings, and provides drums. The duo focuses strongly on the multi-media aspects of music as well; they direct their own music videos, which Jason explains "is a huge part of our project." In the live music scene, Jason has played alongside artists such as Jordy Searcy, Briston Maroney, Tyler Ward, Hey Steve, Savannah Connelly and many more.

As a Songlorious artist, Jason says, "It’s truly nice to use my songwriting for other people. There’s nothing like putting somebody’s story in a song for them. It is so rewarding and it is a great way to serve other people while being creative!"


Interested in getting a personalized song? Click the button below - you may even be able to request Jason for your song!


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