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Create the PERFECT Valentine's Day Song

5 things you CAN'T forget to include!

Thinking about ordering a personalized song for your favorite person this Valentine's Day season? It can be overwhelming to figure out what you want to include in your custom song - you just love them so much, and don't want to leave anything out! If you don't even know where to begin, we at Songlorious made this quick guide for you: the 5 things you should definitely include when placing an order for Valentine's day.

5 Things to Include in a Valentine's Day Song Order

  1. How You Met, or Your First Date Don't know where to start? Start at the beginning! Your first experience together is so romantic to include, and can help you remember tons of details that are meaningful only to you. Were they wearing something special that stuck out to you? Maybe they did something embarrassing that will never be forgotten! Think about those first feelings you had for each other & all the little details that made that day special

  2. How Long You've Been Together This is a fun one to include, because it usually gets their attention right away (especially when the song is a surprise)! When your loved one hears "been together for 7 years now" or "we met 10 months ago" they'll have no doubt that this song is about the two of you - and it helps preserve this moment too, when you listen to the song again and again for years to come!

  3. What Makes them Special & Beautiful This is your chance to describe your loved one, like only you can. What makes them beautiful? What makes them unique? Maybe it's some physical attributes--like their freckles, or brown eyes, or the color of their hair--and maybe it's something deeper inside--like how they love animals, or are a great dad, or how they cook a mean Chicken Parm! Definitely take some time to write out all these special details, to show how much you know & understand them.

  4. Favorite Memories Whether you've been together 4 months or 40 years, you probably have some favorite memories together! Giving your songwriter a couple short stories (just 1-3 sentences each) is always a great thing to include in any personalized song. For example: "One time at Wendy's, she spilled her entire tray of food--including her full soda--on a stranger. We laugh about it now, but at the time she was so upset and embarrassed!" "We love to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains at the end of every summer. He always runs out of granola bars and ends up eating mine, but I don't mind cause I always pack extra for him." "I'll never forget the look of joy on his face when our first daughter was born in 1995. His hands gripped the steering wheel so tight on our way home from the hospital. He's usually not a nervous driver, but now he was carrying precious cargo!" Always try to include stories that they will recognize & remember!

  5. Future Plans This one is so romantic. Include a couple of your future plans together as a couple (at least one). It will be so fun to look back on and see how things played out later as you accomplish those goals together or continue to dream about them. What vacations do you want to take together? Do you want kids (and how many)? Dreaming of buying a house one day? Even if your relationship has just started, you can still include a fun "future plan" idea -- like maybe there's a special restaurant they've been begging to go to? Include that in the song!

If you include these 5 things in your order, your artist will have plenty to work with to create a truly special, one-of-a-kind song. Your loved one is sure to have a gift they will cherish for years to come.


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