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Friday Highlight: Tab & Prudence

Last week, we asked one of our customers, Prudence B., if we could share her story and song.

Prudence & her boyfriend (Tab) are celebrating their new journey as a couple. She wanted to get a song for their first year together, telling the story of their love & the memories they’ve shared so far.

She included lots of details in her order, like how they met on Facebook, that their first date was “magical,” they rode a ferris wheel together, and that they even traveled to Dubai over the summer!

Now they have a song that will only become more and more special as their relationship grows.

Prudence selected a three-minute, R&B song with the "romantic" mood. This is what the artist created:



Love is so strange

Leaves us so dazed

Feeling like we're floating off the ground

One year and more

Good vibes in store for us

Negativity can't bring us down

Weeks blur into nothing

Smiles stir up the feelings

This world brought us to our home

How can I forget the way we danced through the night

Or how you looked in my eyes

Staring at those stars in Dubai

Or how the water was so blue when we woke up in Maldives

And how the waves sang sweetly

Being yours is just like a dream

Everyday feels like I'm at the top of the Ferris wheel

Feeling you pull closer to me

On those days I can hardly breathe

You make me feel the best I can feel

Don't know about Ms. Jackson but I know we are for real

That first night in Atlanta told us we should seal the deal

When my heart is hurting, you're the one that makes it heal

'Tab and Pru forever' is our mantra, you can't steal

I'm guessing we should be a little grateful to the 'book

Cause like our music, happiness has just become our hook

And if the world is burning, we'll just find our little nook

Oh, every single second, minute, hour with you

I feel like I'm still at the Top of the Ferris wheel

Feeling you pull closer to me

On those days I can hardly breathe

You make me feel the best I can feel


About the Artist: Reese Vandyke

From Georgetown, Guyana, Reese grew up surrounded by, not only Top 40 Hits, but also Reggae, Calypso, and other Caribbean and Latin music. She's written over 200 songs in multiple genres (and her Songlorious orders add to that list everyday!). She admires the songwriting minds of John Mayer, Tyler Joseph (of Twenty One Pilots), and Sixto Rodriguez. Now that she's finished studying music in the USA, she's back in Guyana, teaching younger minds how to fall in love with the art form just like she did.

As a Songlorious artist, Reese says, "My goal is to authentically tell the stories, thoughts, and feelings of customers."


Interested in getting a personalized song? Click the button below - you can even request Reese for your song!


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