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James “WhoFreshAsFitz” Babsky is an Artist, Writer, Music Producer and composer. Born and raised in the Bronx NY, “Fitz” grew up amongst quite a colorful array of musical influences. Not to mention, raised by a mother who is a published children’s author, who just so happened to be classically trained in piano and the cello. Music and writing had no choice but to rub off on him at an early age and become second nature in the household. Now a days, Whether it be From writing R&B, Hip-Hop bars or Pop ballads, song structure and Music Production plays a huge part in his daily life.

Sharing music worldwide with the masses is my ultimate goal and career path. However, If on the way I can make at least two people smile with a heartfelt personal song... well isn’t that the icing on the cake!”

James WhoFreshAsFitz Babsky
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