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Friday Highlight: Linda & Charley!

The story of Charley: the dog who gave his owner a personalized Happy Birthday song.

This week, one of our customers, Jon F, asked if we could share the song we created for him, and the fun story behind it.

Jon's mother, Linda, is turning 77! So, he told us something fun: Linda's dog, the adorable Charley, wants to wish her a very happy birthday this year.

They gave lots of details for their song order, like how Linda's got a great sense of humor, she's still young at heart, and looks 65 instead of 77. He's so grateful to be named "Charley" instead of "the Dude" -- which is what her husband wanted to name him. He's sorry that he always eats the things he's not supposed to (like underwear - gross!). Most of all, Charley wants to thank her for loving him. He knows that he barks too much and has tons of energy, but he still loves his cuddles.

Now, the whole family has a one-of-a-kind song that brings laughter, preserves memories, & can be cherished for forever.

Jon (or maybe it was Charley?) selected a one-minute, Pop Rock song, with the "Funny" mood. This is what the artist created:



Happy birthday Linda

From your best boy Charley

I know sometimes I seem impossible

But I appreciate the patience

That you've got in spades for me

And my reflection, that I sometimes see

If we're gonna be honest

Will always drive me crazy

I won't give up on you

Please don't give up on me

I'm getting so much better

And it's all because you believe



Linda, you are 77 today



You look so good

Could be your 65th Birthday



I'll take your stuff and give back

In exchange for food



I wanna thank you Mom

For not naming me "The Dude"


About the Artist: Chris Kirby

Chris Kirby is a singer/songwriter and producer from Limerick, Ireland, with nearly twenty years of experience playing music onstage and in-studio. His taste and influences are consistently growing and changing, but some of his favorite acts include: Queen, Bob Dylan, Prince, and Janelle Monae, to name a few. Chris plays ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, and occasionally, the melodica. He's passionate about the emotional power of music to touch the heart and spread joy, even in dark moments. He has a talent for transposing the personal experiences of others into meaningful music. He's silly, playful, and sincere. In 2014, Chris released his self-titled EP--which was fully self produced & written. From 2014-2019, Chris provided bass in Irish band, The Rag and Bones. When he's not writing music, he's teaching or making art with his wife.

As a Songlorious artist, Chris says, "I believe music is the language of the heart. It has the ability to reach out and touch people, which is what makes it such a precious gift and such a privilege to create. I hope the songs I write for and from others spread a little more love in the world."


Interested in getting a personalized song? Click the button below - you may even be able to request Chris Kirby for your song!


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