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Be A Songlorious Artist (Hindi Division)

Our Mission

Music is powerful. It can reflect and mold our emotions. Songlorious exists to provide a connection point between music creators and listeners, to create one-of-a-kind gifts that people will cherish forever. We support songwriters with instant feedback, exposure, and a stream of work opportunities; we give customers priceless music about their own stories.


Job Description

The purpose of this position is to record your vocals & add them to pre-set instrumentation, using lyrics we provide for you. The lyrics will be based on customer-submitted stories. We cover the cost of finding and processing customers, so you can turn your passion into a career, and still work on your own schedule.



  • Write lyrics in Hindi based on customer's personal stories.

  • Use these lyrics to sing and record your vocals.

  • Add the vocals to the instrumentation that we provide (you will have to mix the vocals only).

  • Submit the completed song for review

  • Make revisions where necessary



  • Fluent in Hindi and English

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Ability to meet deadlines

  • Familiarity with your chosen DAW (recording software)

  • Ability to self-record in a home studio or similar

  • Ability to generally sing on-key, and pitch-correct vocals where needed (with use of a Flex-Pitch, Melodyne, or similar)

  • Familiarity with conventional songwriting terms (i.e. “verse” “pre-chorus” "stanza" "rhyme" "meter" etc.)

  • Ability to mix vocals to conventional main-stream standards.

  • No ego. This business requires you to be able to handle honest feedback & put customers' preferences above your own.



Our artists fall under the category of Independent Contractor (freelance).

  • Payouts vary per-song based on genre, length, and add-ons. A 3-minute song pays $30 USD. A 2-minute song pays $25 USD. Expedited orders will pay up to $10 extra. If the customer requests a commercial license, it pays $15 extra.

  • Artists also have the opportunity to receive tips from each customer.

  • Artists are promoted on our website and various social media platforms.

​For more information on joining the team, benefits, and compensation, please fill out the application below and we will review your information.


If you are approved or rejected, we will contact you to let you know!

Application Form:

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