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Acoustic Pop, Hip Hop, Modern Pop, R&B


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Twicetoasted, a talented artist hailing from Ohio, captivates listeners with his soulful, witty acoustic pop, and R&B sound. Drawing inspiration from esteemed musicians like John Mayer, John Legend, and Morray, Twicetoasted creates a musical experience that is both heartfelt and captivating.

Known for his enchanting performances accompanied by an acoustic guitar or synthesizer, Twicetoasted's love for vocal harmonies and layered productions shines through in his music. With a keen ear for captivating melodies and a knack for creating intricate musical arrangements, he crafts a sound that resonates with audiences.

As an independent artist, Twicetoasted releases self-produced music to streaming services under his artistic moniker. This showcases his passion for every aspect of the creative process, from songwriting to production, allowing him to fully express his artistic vision.

Twicetoasted's musical journey reached new heights when he wrote a song in English that was later translated into Korean and debuted on the national television series "Listen Up." The track, titled "Loco by REN," stands as a testament to his international appeal and songwriting prowess.

When it comes to being a Songlorious artist, Twicetoasted exudes excitement, stating, "Give me your story, and I'll create a world made of music specifically for You and Yours. I have an abundance of imagination - sharing it with the world through music is truly my pleasure."


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