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Marcos Sanchez


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Acoustic Pop, R&B, Pop Rock, Dance/EDM, Modern Pop, Acústica, Pop Rock (Español), Pop (Español)


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Marcos, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

With influences like John Mayer, Prince, and Juan Luis Guerra, Marcos's Indie Pop-Rock musical style blends in elements of jazz, soul, Latin American pop, and folk.

Hi! I'm Marcos, I love writing songs for any occasion and for loved ones. I would love to share in your story through words and sounds, melodies and harmonies! let's create special memories that we can cherish forever.

Marcos writes and produces music and has his own musical project, as well as writing, producing with other artists, commercial projects or TV. He also enjoys performing independently.

About joining the Songlorious team, Marcos says, "Songlorious is an incredible opportunity, to share and creat special music!. I'd love to create a special song for your special occasion or loved ones. I’m very excited to work on your custom song and create the best sound and connection possible"


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Sample Songs

Happy Retirement!

You by my side

Rekindled love

Latest Reviews

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Tuhami Ouazzani Touhami


December 28, 2022



average rating is 5 out of 5

I am on a business trip, far f4om my wife, for whombthis song is, and just heard it, and I feel like cancelling all my meetings and flying back home to share it with her and see her reaction. The son not only tells everything I wanted yo tell her, but also is by itself a great song. Marcos is great, has a wonderful voice and also is a genuine artist and makes my feelings sound much better than I ever thought. There is one line in the song "everything you feel, I feel with you" that perfectly resonates with how I feel and couldn't say in less than a long paragraph. I will definitely share her reaction when I get home and share it with Khaoula, and I will definitely come for more. Thank you guys for making gifts a much better experience...You rock!!!

00:00 / 60:50:10




October 15, 2022


Acoustic Pop

average rating is 5 out of 5

You perfectly understood, written and sang the feelings behind it ! And we love your music style ! Thank you so much !

00:00 / 37:41:19




December 22, 2022


Acoustic Pop

average rating is 5 out of 5

Marcis Nailed It!! Much love Brother!!

00:00 / 51:56:50


john hegenbarth


November 5, 2022



average rating is 5 out of 5

Wonderful............thank you so much

00:00 / 58:55:14
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