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Life Like Charlie


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Acoustic Pop, Modern Pop


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Life Like Charlie is a Barcelona-based music artist who is known for creating soulful and anthemic ballads with a modern twist. With influences ranging from Coldplay to Adele, Charlie's music resonates with fans who appreciate authentic and heartfelt songwriting. Charlie's passion for music started early and was fueled by years of busking on the streets of Barcelona, where he honed his skills and developed a loyal fanbase. In fact, his hard work paid off when he earned a number one spot on the iTunes country chart. Today, Charlie's music is beloved by fans all over the world, who appreciate his ability to bring real stories to life through his music. With over 100 5-star reviews on various platforms, Charlie is a sought-after artist who is dedicated to creating personalized music that lasts a lifetime.

About being a Songlorious artist, Charlie says, "I love bring real stories to life for real people. It is a beautiful, completely unique gift that will last forever. It can forge strong relationships and create ever lasting memories for all involved."


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6 Months And Since

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May 12, 2023


Acoustic Pop

average rating is 5 out of 5

I couldn’t have asked for a better song You did amazing you covered every point that I wanted I really felt the words that you were saying and thank you for the little message that meant a lot

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