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Kyle Warner


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Country Acoustic/Folk


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Kyle Warner is from Plainville, Connecticut, but has lived in Denver, CO for the last seven years, and now calls it home. Since learning guitar at age 8, he always had in the back of his mind the idea to purse music professionally, and started that journey in earnest about 4 years ago. His band, Kyle Warner and His No-Good Rotten band has just started booking shows around Denver. As a slide guitar player, he gets most of his inspiration from Derek Trucks, who he describes as having a “vocal-like” style that “brought tears to my eyes, and is the reason I am usually playing slide where there is an electric guitar in my hands.” His greatest songwriting inspirations are Brandi Carlile and Guy Clark.


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Sample Songs

Country Acoustic/Folk - A Tale of Eric Cobb

Country Acoustic/Folk - One Year With Jessie

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