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Modern Pop, R&B, Dance/EDM, Acoustic Pop, Pop Rock, Country Acoustic/Folk


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Originally from Austin, TX, Olivia Chapman (Jane) is a genre fluid multi-instrumentalist and graduate of Berklee College of Music. Jane specialize in electropop and frequently makes trap, hiphop, EDM, and indie pop songs as well. Some of her biggest influences are Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and Tame Impala. About working with Songlorious, she says, “I want to make people feel like Roxanne by The Police, like Jolene By Dolly Parton, like someone is writing a song about them! Because I am! It's a great feeling. Being written into a song is so special, and I never waste an opportunity to make someone smile. I want to write songs that help people express their love, their grief, their journey, their unique point of view. I love that Songlorious is making songwriting more accessible to the public because sometimes it's hard to express our feelings to each other, but that is something that music does so effortlessly and whole-heartedly.”


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Sample Songs

Acoustic Pop - No More Goodbyes

Modern Pop - Bubblegum

R&B - Waiting For You

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