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Aaron Powell


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Acoustic Pop, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock


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Aaron Powell, a talented artist hailing from Ontario, Canada, brings a dynamic pop rock sound with an indie alternative edge. Inspired by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Blue October, and Angels and Airwaves, Powell's music captivates listeners with its infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

With an impressive musical background, Powell has toured extensively across the world, performing for enthusiastic crowds of thousands as a part of his band. Their undeniable talent and hard work led to the ultimate recognition when they won a Canadian Juno award, solidifying their status as one of the country's top musical acts.

Beyond his own musical endeavors, Powell also finds joy in nurturing the talent of others. In his home studio, he produces and mentors local artists and bands, offering guidance and support to musicians on their creative journey.

As a Songlorious artist, Powell recognizes the power of music to communicate from the heart in ways that mere words cannot. "Music can communicate from the heart, in ways that mere words can not," says Powell. With his wealth of experience and genuine passion for helping musicians, Powell is eager to channel his talents into creating personalized and meaningful songs for Songlorious customers.


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You're Still The One

Let's Get Zooted

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