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From Almaty, Kazakhstan, comes Zhenya. Now based in Los Angeles, California, Zhenya is a pop
artist with heartfelt lyrics and a soothing voice. She has written songs for an accomplished Kazakhstan singer, Yerlan Baibazarov. In the live music world, she has performed at the "Almaty, Love You" concert in front of 5000 people, and at the the House of Blues in Los Angeles, right before it closed. Zhenya says her biggest musical influence is Max Martin--the songwriter behind the hits of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys.

As a Songlorious artist, Zhenya says she is thrilled by the idea of "Connection... I love how music connects people, and that I can use my talents to help others connect to their loved ones."

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Recently i've ordered song from Songlorious and chose artist Zhenya. She wrote me most beautiful song for my wife. The song left us speechless. Thank You Zhenya.


Modern Pop


Excellent… love it.


Acoustic Pop

R&B - For My Love, Eldrin

Modern Pop - Love Of My Life

Acoustic Pop - Thank You Petra!