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R&B, Acoustic Pop, Modern Pop, Country Acoustic/Folk

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Based in Quin, Ireland is Sean Montgomery. Sean's style blends acoustic soul music with elements of country, R&B, and folk. His work is often compared to influences like Bobby Caldwell, Mndsgn, and Eddie Chacon. Sean has 5 albums for different artists due for release this summer, and has worked with many artists (in the studio and on the stage), both recording and performing their music, to become a channel for their message. He currently works studying and performing music from the DRC, a style which has a hidden influence in many genres.

About begin a Songlorious artist "Being entrusted as a composer to write a piece which commemorates love or a feeling between two people, or the life of a person dear to someone is a highest honor a musician could have. In this moment we encapsulate the essence of this sentiment into song, allowing it to exist forever. It’s as much a gift for me to create as it is for the recipient to receive."

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