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Acoustic Pop, Country Acoustic/Folk, Modern Pop, Pop Rock, Country Rock, R&B

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From the Greater D.C. area, Mike Perrie Jr. creates "folk rock with a touch of funk, jazz, and country," reflecting influences like George Harrison, Ben Folds, and Barenaked Ladies.

Mike has enjoyed performing on several National/International Tours, for over 50,000 people. He has also written 4 musicals for stage, two of which are on their way to opening next year.

He is also working on a new album for fans of video games, to bring musicians and gamers closer together.

About being a Songlorious artist, Mike says, "I love writing songs, and sometimes I feel as if I was born to do it. So, I really enjoy writing for others because it gives me a chance to use my skills and do something I love to make others happy, and give them something truly their own and special to have and share forever. And that's awesome. Also, I feel like writing for others makes an artist think about their work in a whole new way, and challenge themselves with things that they might try otherwise!"

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Sample Songs

Cinnamon Kiss

April Morning


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Fabrizio Campelli


November 3, 2022


Country Acoustic/Folk

average rating is 5 out of 5

Fanatic artist!

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Christopher J Williams


November 3, 2022


Pop Rock

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Words are so important. Love is an emotion that in its truest form cannot be expressed in words. However, the increadable ability to extract words to capture the emotion and put it to music is a gift that only very special people are blessed to have. Mr. Perrie is one of those gifted artist who can capture an emotion and put it into words.

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