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From Kansas City, MO, is Mike Murphy. A versatile singer songwriter, Mike's specialty is catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics that people can instantly connect to. As a songwriter, he draws inspiration from and is often compared to artists like Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20), Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Tom Petty.

With over 20 years experience writing/recording/performing songs, Mike is the front man for local Kansas City rock band, Sunny Side Down. The band has released multiple albums that have been published across the world, have been featured on local radio, and performed at numerous venues/events across the Kansas City area. Mike also plays acoustic solo gigs around town at local pubs and wineries, performing both cover songs and originals for all ages. Mike graciously accepts and appreciates any tips via paypal or venmo (@murphy77kc). To listen to Mike's music you can hear his rock band on any streaming platform by searching for Sunny Side Down (latest album is "Infinite Ember"). You can also visit his facebook page at www.facebook.com/mikemurphymusicpage.

About being a Songlorious artist, Mike says, "I enjoy writing meaningful songs that people can connect to and be impacted by. Many people find music to be a form of therapy and I'm happy to help heal in anyway that I can."

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Sample Songs

Pop Rock - The Greatest Fern

Country Acoustic/Folk - Island of Dreams

Pop Rock - Wonder Woman

Latest Reviews

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James Gee

September 26, 2022

Mike, I can't thank you enough for putting this together and telling my wife and my love story. I was an amazing moment seeing the look on her face when I told her I had a song that I wanted her to hear. She was completely surprised when she knew from the first sentence that this was our story. We could not be happier with how it turned out.


Country Rock

00:00 / 66:47:11



September 20, 2022

Phenomenal job on the song Mike!


Country Acoustic/Folk

00:00 / 67:25:03



August 19, 2022

My wife and daughters got this for me as a 65th birthday present. Mike did an amazing job capturing the highlights and creating a song that made me feel honored and very special. At first when I began to listen to the song, not knowing anything at all about this gift, I thought it was a song from Michael Stipe from R.E.M. It wasn’t until about the third line that I realized this was a song about me. Mike, I wish you great success in your career as a musical artist, it certainly is well deserved. Thank you so much, I really am speechless.


Pop Rock

00:00 / 63:37:21


Margarita Cardoza

July 5, 2022

Perfect!!!I love it. Thank you so so much for capturing the love for my grandson into a beautiful song. He loves playing it all the time. I can see in his reaction how proud he is to know that he has his own song that describes him in such perfect way. Again, Thank you so much...


Modern Pop

00:00 / 61:44:09



June 13, 2022

AMAZING! If you want a rock sound and attention to detail, you gotta choose Mike. I was a little nervous, I didn't know how the song would come out but he took all of our details and made it the best song for my dad. He's going to love it! I haven't shown it to him yet, but I cried when I listened to it. Awesome!! Thanks Mike, for taking that extra step to make it personal and I appreciate your time.


Pop Rock

00:00 / 47:04:42


Ryan, Isaac, and Ruby

June 8, 2022

Mike created the perfect song for Fathers’ Day, using our ideas and the perfect beat. We can’t wait to see his face when he hears it!


Country Acoustic/Folk

00:00 / 49:25:20


Curt Troester

May 31, 2022

The song was great and heartfelt. My new beautiful bride loves it! Mike did a great job!


Country Acoustic/Folk

00:00 / 55:57:36



May 30, 2022

Guys you want to see your girl cry cause she’s so happy this is a good way to make there occasion very personal I love it Mike Murphy your the man


Country Acoustic/Folk

00:00 / 26:06:28