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Modern Pop, Country Acoustic/Folk, R&B, Country Rock, Acoustic Pop, Pop Rock


Max Runham is a London-based actor & musician who has performed in dozens of regional tours, theater shows, and on TV. His music has a unique soulful, folk-rock sound. Drawing on inspirations from Ray LaMontagne, Jeff Buckley, Carole King and many more, Max developed his characteristic style and released his debut EP "Better Get In Line" in 2018, while still working full-time as an actor. He now focuses primarly on his music, taking part last summer in the Johnny Mercer Foundation's songwriting course. His song "You Get What You Get" was met with wide acclaim, and was picked up by BBC radio. When he joined Songlorious, he said was excited to make music that makes people happy: "I've always enjoyed making tunes for people. It's always more rewarding than making things for my own benefit."

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An absolute amazing recording and story telling of our marriage, life and family "Life on the Lake". Trust me, go for the 3 minutes+,



Max Runham and songlorius did a phenomenal job on my song. It was better than I expected. Max incorporated the ideas, lyrics, and title


Modern Pop


Max Runham is an extremely talented artist who exceeded my expectations! I went quite overboard with everything that I wanted


Pop Rock


Absolutely took my breathe away, the best gift I've ever been given!!


Acoustic Pop

Country Rock - Happy I Found You

Pop Rock - I'm Ready

Modern Pop - Survivors