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Joey Biondi


Dance/EDM, Modern Pop, Pop Rock, Acoustic Pop


A New Jersey native, Joey Biondi has been in a handful of bands since he was 16 years old, and is currently working on a solo project called "Songs for the End of the World." He describes it as "a collection of songs about my experiences throughout the absolute craziness that these past two years have been." Joey performed with his former band (Tex and the Girls) on two national tours, playing festivals such as Gathering of the Vibes and famous venues like Piano's in NYC. In April of 2021, Joey started writing jingles for podcasts, including Bottle Service with BKP, Spooky Soul Sisters, Rob Reviews Everything, the Nerd Byword and Best Good Chats.

He describes his musical style as "pretty fluid, but when I am in the writing process I tend to gather inspiration from the music that shaped me throughout the years," namely: Tame Impala, MGMT, and The Cure.

About being a Songlorious artist, Joey says, "I absolutely adore writing music of all kinds, and to be able to provide personalized songs for people is something I find very inspiring. There is something really special about giving someone something unique, like a song made just for them; it's a gift that lasts forever."

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Modern Pop - Walks with Nikki