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Acoustic Pop

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Hailing from Chennai, India is Jay Po. A semi-finalist in the International Songwriter Competition (2020), Jay Po aims to create meaningful songs that touch the soul. His music has appeared on official the Spotify India editorial playlists multiple times, as well as in online publications like Rolling Stone India and Rockstreet Journal. His unique style is influenced by artists like Bob Dylan, One Republic, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

About being a Songlorious artist, Jay Po says, "I hope that the music I write touches the soul of the customers, and they can keep each song as a cherished possession for years to come."

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Sample Songs

Acoustic Pop - For Heidi

For Cassandra

For Sahana

Latest Reviews

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Cullen Riley

March 26, 2022

Jay did an outstanding job putting together something special for my lovely lady to cherish. It blows me away that these artists are putting together quality songs in no more than a week's time.

Highly recommend this young man.

Thank you for the kind words and awesome song, Jay!


Acoustic Pop

00:00 / 75:42:41


Jay Po

March 11, 2022

Really did a nice job. Thank you Jay Po for letting me borrow your musical talent for my personal benefit! I’m very excited to give such a unique gift. Well worth it!


Acoustic Pop

00:00 / 46:35:32