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Acoustic Pop, Pop Rock

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From the greater Washington DC area comes Jake Zatzkin. With a style often compared to Darius Rucker and Bare Naked Ladies, Zatzkin focuses primarily on Acoustic Pop. In the late 1990s, Zatzkin toured Italy with a concert choir. More recently, he produced his debut album, for which he provided all of the instrumentation.

About writing for Songlorious customers, Zatzkin says, "Songwriting has always been such an important means of self-expression, and it is amazing to be able to share that feeling with others"

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Sample Songs

Acoustic Pop - Girl Dad

Acoustic Pop - Boroughs to Go

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chris s

July 14, 2022

was skeptical but chose Jake for his voice. WOW he nailed it. very impressed with the outside of the box lyrics. would be so easy to just say since I met you or since i met your face but using the line since I met your eyes gives a very unique way of remembering or seeing someone. love it, this was worth every cent of the money and 100% top shelf. Thanks Jake


Pop Rock

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Thomas & Abigail (Abby) DeLaine

May 21, 2022

Words cannot begin to express the gratitude and joy that I felt when I heard “Swimming in Love” written by Jake for my Beloved Lady Abigail on the momentous occasion of her 70th birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary!

Jake captured the essences of my love and devotion to Abigail with the tenderness and compassion that reflects the wonderful relationship we have together. Jake’s connection to the energy and mindfulness Abby and I cherish simply touched us in so many ways! She is elated.

The detail in the lyrics fully embraced my desire to bring my love and devotion into this song which we will treasure now and, in the years, to come. This gift of love will be an eternal gift transcending our lifetimes and show our future generations the fullest expression of love we have for each other. Jake’s personal message to us reflected his deep spiritual connections to giving us a special moment we and our family and friends will always have forever.

Thank you, Jake, for giving us such a wonderful gift of your talent, time, and spirit! If anyone is looking for someone who can reach beyond your words and capture your deepest feelings, I highly recommend, without question, Jake Zatzkin!

With Gratitude and Joy,

Thomas & Abigail (Abby) DeLaine


Acoustic Pop

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