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Alex Slay


Country Rock, Acoustic Pop, Modern Pop, R&B, Pop Rock, Dance/EDM, Country Acoustic/Folk, Hip Hop


Originally from Ocala, Florida, Alex Slay creates music that is "sultry R&B with a classic vinyl funk twist," akin to his main influences, Justin Timberlake, and Mac Ayres. Alex has traveled all around the world, performing on cruise ships, and has toured Japan to teach music. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, Alex enjoys collaborating with friends and releasing music of his own, including two singles "Cherry Wine" in 2020 and "Deep End" in 2021.

As a Songlorious artist, Alex says, "I enjoy using the customers words to make something memorable they can always listen to. This also helps me with writing my own music as well!"

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I LOVE my song sooo much, Alex Slay is amazing!!



R&B - Taking The Leap

Acoustic Pop - Happy Birthday Shane

R&B - Lisa When I Look At You