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Louie Ruiz


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Acoustic Pop, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock


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Louie Ruiz, a talented musician hailing from Tennessee, is making a name for himself with his contemporary pop rock sound, which draws inspiration from bands like Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Breaking Benjamin. With a vast array of musical accomplishments under his belt, Ruiz is an experienced performer who has lent his skills to numerous studio sessions and contributed to multiple musical recordings across a wide range of genres.

Ruiz's impressive resume also includes stints as a member of several bands, including Appleseed Cast and Plankeye. He was even awarded a full scholarship to attend the prestigious Los Angeles College of Music, a testament to his musical abilities.

As a Songlorious artist, Ruiz is excited to bring his talents to the platform and create custom songs that capture the unique experiences and emotions of his customers. "Writing for customers, in general, is a fulfilling experience as it allows me to use my skills and knowledge to provide a creative solution that meets their needs," says Ruiz. "In the case of Songlorious, I hope that my songwriting can help customers express their feelings and emotions in a unique and personal way, creating a meaningful connection between them and the recipient of the song. Ultimately, my goal is to deliver a high-quality product that brings joy and satisfaction to those who use Songlorious' services."


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