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Joseph Mossbridge


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Acoustic Pop, Dance/EDM, Modern Pop


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Joseph Mossbridge is a pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, known for his clever songwriting and catchy hooks. His music is often infused with humor and relatable themes that resonate with his audience. With influences from Finneas and The Weeknd, Joseph's style is a unique blend of pop and R&B that makes him stand out in today's music scene.

Joseph's debut album, "Take My Time," has amassed over 400k streams, showcasing his versatility as an artist, co-writer, producer, and singer. His talent and hard work have been recognized by the Recording Academy, where he was selected to be featured in the Grammy U Monthly Playlist.

Recently, Joseph purchased an electric guitar, an orange Strat, which has been a source of excitement for him. As he continues to explore his musical abilities and creativity, his fans eagerly anticipate what's to come from this rising star.

About being a Songlorious artist, Joseph says, "I'm hoping that my songs help you connect with people that you care about. That's always the goal." With his passion for music and connection, Joseph is a perfect fit for Songlorious, and he looks forward to bringing his talents to the platform and helping people express their love through music.


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