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Jimmy Cloud


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Acoustic Pop, Country Acoustic/Folk, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock


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Jimmy Cloud, an indie rock artist based in Boston, Massachusetts, weaves together elements of folk and pop to create a captivating musical style. Drawing inspiration from acclaimed artists like Mt. Joy, Sublime, and The Strokes, Jimmy Cloud's music showcases a blend of catchy melodies and introspective lyrics.

Jimmy has garnered over 500k streams on Soundcloud, showcasing his ability to captivate listeners with his unique sound. Currently, he is in the final stages of completing his highly anticipated album, demonstrating his commitment to delivering a cohesive and compelling musical project.

About being a Songlorious artist, Jimmy Cloud shares his vision, stating, "My goal as an artist has always been to write meaningful and powerful lyrics, melodies, and instrumentals. I am looking to create music that not only entertains but also connects with listeners on a deeper level." With his heartfelt compositions and sincere approach to music, Jimmy Cloud is ready to craft personalized songs that evoke genuine emotions and forge a lasting connection with each listener.


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Mr. Right

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May 28, 2023


Country Acoustic/Folk

average rating is 5 out of 5

I love how great Jimmy did on my song and can’t wait for the reaction

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